sabato 16 ottobre 2010


Skin:LaVie Liam V2 Clean Hair Base Tan
Hair:Dura-boy11(Woodsmoke resize) New
Hoodie:Intrigue Co. - Black Pouched Hoodie
Jeans:* [CALYPSO GIANO] JEANS - Street Style - FRAY - 
Shoes:PURE (2Real)
Cigarette:Primitive Design_cigarette - xx long ash
Make-up/Layer:[FD] Band-Aid Nose [Ouch]
Earrings:Cobrahive - Gauged Earrings New
Poses:Diesel Works Stand - Alagan*
There is a discount on the old sets and they will be available for upto 60% DISCOUNT for a limited time at the store. Individual pose purchases are available for trying, but are disabled for purchase.
*Note: Group members get 60%, Non group members get 50% off.
New Free couples:

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